Welcome to the Wild World of Bill

Oh, did I say 1655? Maybe it was 1955 . . .
Well, a 9 is just a 6 which has forgotten which way is up.                              
Hey, whatevs, it was a long 'way back.

A Superficial Online Presence of William Whitelaw
NRHS '73, MIT '77
(Oh, that William Whitelaw)

Not to be confused with this photogenic fellow in Glasgow . . .

    Though I suppose the resemblance
    is downright uncanny . . .

A few of my websites

(in process - I have to
figure out which ones are
. . . ummm . . . ahhhh . . .

And now, a rare action shot
from our Vintage Fashion Photographer ---
There are persistent rumors that
I do all my best work in the dark

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