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A Modest Online Presence of William F. Whitelaw of Framingham, Massachusetts
NRHS '73, MIT '77 (Oh, that William F. Whitelaw)

The full magnificence of this page is only revealed by computers with Tempus Sans ITC installed.

And now, a couple of my
Entertaining and Educational Sites

  • RubberDinosaurs.org
    D'oh!The site was originally at RubberDinosaurs.com, but I forgot to renew the domain name
    and some parasite snapped it up, thinking he could milk it for ad revenue, ha ha.
    Every few years I get an offer to sell it back to me, but %*@# that.
  • All you need to know about the early auto pistol, not the 1896 rifle adopted by Sweden
  • Info on some of the machine tools crammed in my cellar
  • Recent evolution of the MIT school ring - only a few class years listed so far, though
  • A bit of persiflage, the first HTML pages I ever wrote - including the popular Chess Sets from Hell.
  • Not so entertaining, perhaps - a little page for ol' dead Dad
  • and other sites
    Not linked, so as not to take all the mystery out of life
  • and other pages on this site
    Also not linked, so I don't get picketed by nuns

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